Asian Style Pork Ribs in a Spicy Garlic and Honey Sauce

Sticky Sweet Spicy Garlic Crispy Asian Style pork ribs!   A child cries at the dining room table.  Before her, a small plate of untouched noodles next to a small pile of sparkling clean rib bones.  She demands more, more than the hefty portion she was given.  Her request for more stems from an instinctive,…



    Release the Cranachan….   This Scottish dessert of Cranachan (pronounced CRA-NA-HCHAN) is not a sea-dwelling monster from Norse mythology but instead a delicious concoction of oats, cream or yogurt and raspberries.  It is also one of my family’s favorite desserts which I only make on special occasions like Christmas or anniversaries. Over the years…

Chicken Enchiladas

      Enchiladas…gooey, cheesey, spicy and warm enchiladas. The thought of it makes your mouth water and puts a little spring in your step.   You might even say to yourself,  ‘Tonight, I’m making a big ol’ plate of enchiladas for dinner. Let’s get some beer to go with it, why not? Diet starts tomorrow!‘….