Paprika and Thyme Spatchcock Chicken

    What is spatchcock chicken? ‘Spatchcock’ is just a funny word for butterflied.  You basically just cut the chicken down its backbone and flatten it.  What you get it one whole chicken laid flat for your cooking and eating pleasure.     Why would I do this? There are several advantages to spatchcocking chicken….


The Perfect Roast Chicken

        The perfect roasted chicken is a thing of beauty but very difficult to come by.  Up until 5 years ago, I avoided anything roasted, always fearful of the dry, squeaky meat. Then I started experimenting and researching just how to get the perfect roast and thankfully I’ve never looked back.  Now…

Take the time to brine

  A devoted convert The story goes that my grandmother had a little jet stream diner in NYC back in the day.  In that diner, she supposedly had the best chicken.  The taste of which, you simply couldn’t get at home. When asked what her secret to making her chicken so juicy and tender, she…