Bacon, Almond and Herb Stuffing

My Nana made the best stuffing.  It was dark brown, mushy and looked like something the Adams Family might have a conversation with before eating it, but it was also damn good.  Digging into it was quite the adventure.  What was that I just found?  A bit of celery?  Sliced mushroom?  A scrap of turkey? …


Easy Taco Beans

      I never was a refried bean girl.  Sorry, I know that is an incendiary statement but I just wasn’t all that into them.  Although tasty, refried beans were viscous, like lava, spilling over and expanding on my plate capturing little grains of rice in its wake or worse, how it completely over…

The Ultimate Tomato Soup

             In these trying times I find it difficult to be cheerful in my food blog.   We are living in highly charged political times and when you’re depressed by the news but can’t stop watching it, what’s the point of shamelessly promoting your chicken wing recipe? It just seems frivolous….

Cilantro Chicken Curry

      Cilantro chicken curry is one of those easy Indian curries that you can make practically anywhere.  You don’t need a lot of different spices to make it, nor a lot of time in the kitchen. All you need in a lot of fresh cilantro/coriander, chicken, ginger, garlic, and a touch of yogurt….