Sweet and Spicy Szechuan Peanuts

One of the things I admire most about Chinese food culture is its love of snacks.  Chinese people love snacks and it shows. No long travel journey in China would be complete without a plastic bag full of dried noodles, fruit, pickled chicken feet, peanuts, sunflower seeds or processed sausage tubes for eating along with…


Amazing Dumplings!!

    Without dumplings, is it really Chinese New Year?  Could it be celebrated without an onslaught of fireworks, red envelopes filled with cash and a big steaming plate of dumplings?  No…它不能!!!!   So, after 5 years or so of living in China, I finally asked a friend’s mother to come and teach me how…

Cilantro Chicken Curry

      Cilantro chicken curry is one of those easy Indian curries that you can make practically anywhere.  You don’t need a lot of different spices to make it, nor a lot of time in the kitchen. All you need in a lot of fresh cilantro/coriander, chicken, ginger, garlic, and a touch of yogurt….