How To Feed Your Mamil Weekly Meal Plan May 27th-June 2nd

What is there to say about how this project is going so far?  Well, Andy has been noticing some gains in his performance and continued weight loss each week.  Which is great because it was the main goal for this whole thing-to see how far the right nutrition could aid in athletic performance.  However, the day-to-day execution of such an endeavor is another thing entirely.   Long ago, I gave up trying to make lunches for my husband and why should I?  He’s a grown adult and if he wants to eat healthy, he should take the initiative of packing his lunch himself.  The only problem with that is that he is also getting tired of all the preparation and relying on frozen homemade pasties in the freezer and throwing all the leftovers into a tortilla for lunch.  Leftovers for lunch is always great-easy prep (take out & reheat), helps to eliminate waste (waste not, want not) and affordable (no lunch money required).  However, if there aren’t any leftovers remaining from last night’s dinner because you see it as a personal challenge to finish it all, there won’t be any for tomorrow.  The solution I’ve come up with the remedy this hiccup is to always keep extra veg and protein like cooked chicken breasts in the fridge.  Also, I did away with any big lunches as he only has about 20 minutes for lunch in his hectic day so best to keep to things that can be easily devoured and digested like sandwiches and wraps.

Unfortunately, last Sunday wasn’t a training day because Andy didn’t sleep well and didn’t feel great in the morning.  It’s not like him to skip a day – he doesn’t have a choice when it comes to going to and from work – so he must have bee feeling pretty grotty.  Despite not having a training sample to track, things still seem to be on track with gradual improvements and no more problems with the diet leaving him feeling empty at times.

This will be our last weekly meal plan until after we come back from vacation in June.  Next week we are off to beautiful Thailand for some much needed rest and relaxation.  Don’t worry, I’ll send you a snapshot or two!

Sliced chicken breast, roasted chicken breast and wing on a plate with gravy and lemon wedges
The Perfect Roast Chicken


Breakfast: Curry Puffs (yes, we still have them)

AM Snack: Nuts

Lunch: Steak and Ale Pie leftovers

PM Snack: Fruit smoothie

Dinner:  Roast Chicken, Green salad with red bell pepper, onion and cucumber, baguette



An omelette filled with mushrooms coated in a Thai chile sauce on a plate with a sprig of Thai Basil
Thai Chili Mushroom Omelette


Breakfast: Curry Puffs

AM Snack: nuts

Lunch: Chicken Caesar Wrap

PM Snack: fruit smoothie

DinnerThai Chili Mushroom Omelette, jasmine rice, papaya salad




Breakfast: Curry Puffs

AM Snack: nuts

Lunch: Chicken Caesar Wrap

PM Snack: fruit smoothie

DinnerLamb kebabs filled with fresh veggies wrapped up in a tortilla


Chicken enchiladas smothered in a red enchilada sauce and garnished with melted cheese and cilantro
Homemade Chicken Enchiladas


Breakfast: Curry Puffs

AM Snack: nuts

Lunch: Beer Brisket Sandwiches

PM Snack: fruit smoothie

DinnerChicken Enchiladas made with homemade corn tortillas, chips and salsa




Breakfast: Curry Puffs

AM Snack: nuts

Lunch: Lunch out to local Japanese Restaurant

PM Snack: fruit smoothie

Dinner:  Homemade Fish and Chips with minty peas (CHEAT MEAL)



Tagliatelle tossed in a red pork ragu in a serving bowl with a fork and spoon
Spicepaw’s Pork Ragu with Tagliatelle

Saturday (Carb Loading Day)

Breakfast: Crepes, fresh fruit, coffee or tea

AM Snack: fruit

Lunch: Curry Laksa with Rice Noodles (recipe to come)

PM Snack: none

DinnerPork Ragu with homemade tagliatelle


Sunday (Feed to Recover)

Breakfast: Veggie Omelette with bacon and toast

AM Snack: fresh fruit

Lunch: Sandwiches

PM Snack: none

Dinner:  Steak, baked potato, veg


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