Weekly MAMIL Food Plan May 20th-26th

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of ‘How to Feed Your Mamil’.  Unfortunately for me, I have been feeling less than stellar during the past week so I have been taking it easy and recovering.  As a result of me not being on top of things, Andy has been taking advantage of the lack of oversight and indulging in more beers than he is allowed.  Needless to say, my nagging wife skills kicked in.  Still, despite him sneaking the odd extra beer, he still seems to be dropping weight.

In addition to his weight loss, he is reporting consistency in his performance improvement – pulling off a very similar time to last week’s “Sunday circuit” best but with a slower heart rate and a few extra seconds shaved off on the climbs.  Thanks to eating a little more protein, there is also less hungriness during the day and more energy for his commutes home.

One thing we have decided to mix up is to increase the amount of food that’s meant to help him recover after his training rides.  He said that he went into Monday feeling a bit empty and then took a while to get up to speed during the week.  After taking a look at things, we have decided that this was probably due to focusing on carb loading the night before rides and not paying enough attention to supporting recovery afterwards. So, last Sunday was focused on refueling after a long ride with a decent protein rich breakfast and a Sunday roast.  So far, so good as he is reporting back a faster recovery and nobody is upset about the prospect of nice big Sunday lunches.

This week, there are two Malaysian public holidays during the week which allows for extra family time for things like a jungle hike in the local park on Monday or long swims in the community pool.  In addition to the family activities, an added cycling training day will be added on Wednesday so even though it’s a day off, we keep busy.

Have a great week and if you’re a cycling fan, don’t forget to watch the Giro D’Italia.  It’s always on at our house!  Who are you rooting for to win?



Monday (Day Off)

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, coffee

AM Snack: None

Lunch: Lunch out

PM Snack: None

Dinner:  Andy’s Chicken Balti, Veg Curry and Roti



Pork loin wrapped in bacon on a plate with roasted onions and apples
Roasted Cider Pork Loin with Sage, Onions and Apples


Breakfast: Malaysian Curry Puffs (our freezer runneth over)

AM Snack: Nuts

Lunch: Beer Brisket sandwiches (brisket slow cooked in stout for hours until tender then sliced thin and put in a sandwich with pickles.  A new family favorite!  Recipe coming soon)

PM Snack: Fruit smoothie

Dinner:  Roasted Pork Loin cooked in Sage and Cider with Apples and Onions, mashed potatoes


Wednesday (Day Off)

Breakfast: Omelette with toast, fresh fruit, tea or coffee

AM Snack: Fruit

Lunch: Lunch out at local Thai restaurant

PM Snack: Nuts

DinnerHomemade Falafel Wraps, Hummus, Roasted Veg



A boneless John Dory fillet smothered in a chile wine sauce on a plate garnished with cilantro
Dory Diablo


Breakfast: Malaysian Curry Puffs

AM Snack: Nuts

Lunch: Beer Brisket sandwiches

PM Snack: Fruit smoothie

DinnerDory Diablo, Spanish rice, Easy Taco Beans, Chips and Guacamole



Beer Brisket sandwich with onion, pickle, mayo and mustard served alongside homemade french fries and a dipping sauce
Beer Brisket Sandwich


Breakfast: Malaysian Curry Puffs

AM Snack: Nuts

Lunch: Beer Brisket sandwiches

PM Snack: Fruit smoothie

Dinner:  Cheat Meal to be determined




A casserole dish of pasta and meatballs covered in melted cheese with plate and spatula


Breakfast: Crepes, fresh fruit, coffee or tea

AM Snack: Nuts

Lunch: Chicken Caesar Salad, garlic bread

PM Snack: Fruit

Dinner:  Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Pasta Bake with Meatballs


Carrots, mushrooms and beef in a dark gravy with a portion of pastry on top


Breakfast: Mushrooms on Toast, Bacon, Eggs, tea or coffee

AM Snack: Fresh fruit

Lunch: Sandwiches

PM Snack: Nuts

Dinner:  Steak and Ale Pie


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