Weekly MAMIL Food Plan May 13th-19th

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and called their mom.  After all, all she really wants is to know how you are doing….and if you are seeing anyone….and that you’re happy….Also, please clean up after yourself.

Project MAMIL has had some interesting results thus far.  Andy has seen a good chunk of weight loss and is losing inches all around and his cycling performance has improved a bit – on his Sunday rides at least, where he beat a 20km segment time by 30s.  However, he has complained about feeling weaker which is understandable given that he is losing fat everyday.  To remedy this and slow down the weight loss, we will be experimenting by adding more protein and complex carbs to his diet.  This is especially important on Sunday after his 2 hour ride when he needs to refuel properly.

So, the aim for this week is to keep up with the normal healthy diet during the work week (lean proteins, healthy carbs, fruit and veg, limited beer intake, less sugar, no processed foods, etc) and then provide the calories on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday will be focused on carb loading and stocking up the muscles with glycogen and then Sunday will be focused on rest and recovery with protein, carbs and fats replenishing all the calories lost in his ride.

Other than that, I would say we are getting into the hang of meal planning.  Keep it simple, don’t try too much and always have something in the fridge or freezer for emergency.   Case in point, I made WAY too many Malaysian Curry puffs (puff pastry stuffed with spicy curried chicken, potato and hard boiled egg) last Tuesday so now they are stockpiled in the freezer for a quick breakfast on the go.  For the rest of the snacks, I am now buying in bulk.  Best to always stockpile healthy foods so that the ever so tempting bag of chips loses its allure.



Breakfast: Croissant

AM Snack: Handful of nuts

Lunch: Cold soba noodles with hard boiled eggs

PM Snack: Mini chicken kebab

Dinner:  Ramadan dinner with neighbors


Chicken breasts and pineapple chunks covered in a soy glaze atop of white rice with pickled cucumbers and green beans
Pineapple Chicken



Breakfast: Malaysian Chicken Curry ‘Puff’

AM Snack: Handful of nuts

Lunch: Chicken Caesar Wraps

PM Snack: Green apple

Dinner:  Pineapple Soy Chicken, jasmine rice, pickled cucumbers, sesame green beans



Breakfast: Malaysian Chicken Curry ‘Puff’

AM Snack: Handful of nuts

Lunch:  Chicken Caesar Wraps

PM Snack: Green apple

Dinner:  Pork Fried Udon Noodles with Veg



Breakfast: Malaysian Chicken Curry ‘Puff’

AM Snack: Handful of nuts

Lunch: Chicken Caesar Wraps

PM Snack: Green apple

Dinner:  Pan Fried Halibut topped with Mango Salsa, Spanish Rice and Taco Beans



Breakfast: Malaysian Chicken Curry ‘Puff’

AM Snack: Handful of nuts

Lunch: Sashimi and salad at local Japanese restaurant

PM Snack: green apple



A bowl of pureed mushroom soup garnished with scallions
Mushroom Soup



Breakfast: Crepes Suzette, coffee or tea

AM Snack:  Fruit (if needed)

Lunch: Soup and Sandwich

PM Snack: Handful of nuts (if needed)

DinnerAnchovy Pasta with Breadcrumbs, Tomato Salad with Feta



Breakfast: Healthy-ish English Breakfast, coffee or tea

AM Snack: Not needed due to massive breakfast

Lunch: Tom Yum Soup with rice noodles (surprisingly easy to make if you’ve got a good paste)

PM Snack: Fruit (if needed)

Dinner: Lamb Roast with mint sauce, roast potatoes, minty peas



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