So, after one week of the MAMIL Feeding plan, how are things going?


“Fairly well” is the less-than-dramatic answer.

After a hungry Monday and Tuesday (and a bit of a cheat on Wednesday because it was a public holiday here in Malaysia), Thursday and Friday saw me get into the swing of snacking in the morning and afternoons, as well as eating a healthier lunch.  I think I was peckish at the start of the week out of habit, not because my body was actually missing anything it needed.  However, we have decided to increase the amount of protein I am getting at lunch and cutting back on the carbs a little just to see if that helps: so far, it has.


How about the level of “faff” involved?


Well, that has been more challenging.  I don’t like to fanny about in the morning putting things together and sliding them into bags and wrapping them in foil or cling film, but now that’s part of my day.  I would say that I should be getting things ready the night before, but I’d rather read my daughter her bedtime stories.  Also, as is universal, the microwave at work is fairly crap – small parts of the interior are as hot as a thousand suns whilst others receive no warmth at all – but it does the job.  As a consequence of Ramadan it’s also fairly quiet in the break room as well, which is good because that’s where I have to eat if I don’t want to annoy the people who are fasting for twelve hours.

The hardest part of the diet, for me at least, is the convenience aspect.  I don’t “crave” or miss foods that I used to eat and am perfectly happy with all of the lovely things my wife is knocking together as part of this plan.  However, the fact that I have to make an effort to cook food at lunchtime – which is a pain given how busy I am – rather than just pop out and grab something to eat at my desk is a little trying at times.  This is a huge part of why people give up diets, because they are not practical, and so I think we might be looking for ways to make sure we keep things as easy as possible.



Bicycle leaning against pillars outside



How about Cycling wise?


I have been doing the same regimen that I normally do.  My Sunday training run was a little slower than usual because it was very, very windy (and a little wet, but that was nice).  Still clocked up a few PBs though, so I must have been putting out the same level of effort as usual.  I normally ride along the E25 expressway’s motorcycle lanes (asphalt strips which run parallel to the highway and are intended for motorcycle use), as do a couple of hundred other Klang valley cyclists on a Sunday.  But this week, the roads were almost empty because the weather was ever so slightly inclement.  Puts the Tour de Yorkshire into perspective and rather makes me hope for rain at the Lekas Highway Ride I’ll be doing at the end of all of this.


Anything else?


I have also lost around half a kilo, I think, although the scales show more I am not sure if I trust them.  I feel the same as I usually do, both on and off the bike, which is nice because it means that I am making these gains without really inconveniencing myself that much.  Part of the purpose of this diet was to achieve improvement in as easy and sustainable way as possible – and we certainly seem to be doing that.


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