Pumpkin Tempura with Soy and Chile Dipping Sauce

Pumpkin Tempura 3

Pumpkin Tempura 7

Pumpkin Tempura 8

Every Autumn the food bloggers go a little crazy over pumpkin.  Just check Foodgawker this time of year and you’ll be bombarded with all kinds of questionable pumpkin concoctions.  Personally, I’d like to get on board with the experimentation but my (British) husband simply refuses to even look at it whilst in the grocery store.  However, I have my ways and found recipes that even he, a pumpkin-hater, would eat.

One amongst these recipes is pumpkin tempura because who doesn’t like crispy fried pumpkin resembling steak fries?  Pair it with a soy and chili sauce and it’s down right addictive even for the non pumpkin enthusiasts.

Pumpkin Tempura 2


Pumpkin Tempura 4


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