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Let us all take a moment of silence for the dearly departed laptop that passed away last Wednesday.  It fought a good battle but in the end it was no match for a toddler and a large cup of coffee. The first stage is shock and panic, the second step is mopping up the mess and the final step is Googling what the options are: best way to dry it, the likelihood of whether it will start again and the cost to fix.

Later as I sadly drank wine and sadly reviewed my options, I started to remember what else I had scoured the Internet for since becoming a mother.  Then I started to think of my future and all of the other Internet searches yet to come.  Oh!  The places you go and the things you’ll research online!

Top Mom Google Searches:

Breastfeeding and alcohol consumption

gimmeabreak gif


Idris Elba shirtless

Idris Elba gif


Elmo #MeToo?

Elmo gif


Online Wine Delivery



5 star hotel deal one night

I can dream gif


Low impact cardio workout fat burning 15 min

feel the burn gif



eh..whatever gif


Calories in a block of cheese

dammit gif


Baby poop color

I find it fascinating gif


Chicken nugget ingredients

eww gif


Side effects of sleep deprivation

what happened? gif


Soft toys germs I gotta do this gif


Butt worms symptoms







rash2 gif


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