Bacon, Brie and Green Chile Spring Rolls

Bacon (9)
  I don’t know about you but I sometimes go through food phases where I get an idea in my head and become obsessed with finding the perfect recipe for it. I’ve gone through biscuit phases, salsa phases, brownie phases, Mac n’ cheese phases, and the list goes on. One of my favorite phases however was my spring roll phase where I discovered that ANYTHING could go into those little frozen wrappers that I buy at the store. I’ve made spanakopita spring rolls, chicken bacon ranch spring rolls, Vietnamese prawn and pork spring rolls, loaded potato springs rolls but my all time FAVORITE ingredient mix was always bacon, Brie and green chile. The saltiness of the bacon pairs well with the creamy Brie and tang of green chilies and I always like to serve them as party food when I’m entertaining.
         Not only do I love these spring rolls but they are also popular with my guests as well. Case in point, at one Thanksgiving years back, I stepped outside the kitchen for a moment to catch my breath and greet the first of guests when I found a friend of mine writhing in ecstasy on the floor because she had a ‘foodgasm’ from eating these spring rolls. I wish I could have taken the scene as a compliment but really; I felt annoyed and just wanted her to:
1. Stop eating all the spring rolls and leave some for others and
2. Knock it off and make a quick run to the shop because more people are about to arrive and we are running short on booze.
        Looking back on it, I should have been less annoyed and more appreciative of how much she liked these appetizers because in my opinion, nothing is worse than when guests come over for a dinner party or Thanksgiving and push around food. I like my guests to come hungry and ready to feast on whatever spring roll I put in front of them, foodgasm or not.  AND that being said, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about????
36-40 Spring roll wrappers (125 x125mm/5in x 5in)
9 slices of bacon (cut in half)
125g/4.5oz brie (cut into 3cm length, 0.5cm in width)
198g/7oz can of chopped green chillies
water (a small bowl)
          Carefully peel the spring roll wrappers from one another and place on a dry and even surface.  Lightly sprinkle the wrappers with water using the tips of your fingertips.   In the bottom corner of the wrapper, place bacon diagonally, followed by a slice of brie atop and lastly a teaspoon of chopped green chiles on top.
Fold wrapper corner up onto mixture and roll over.
Tuck the wrapper corners in and fold over one edge over the other.
 Wet remaining untucked top corner and roll over.
               Repeat the process with spring roll and another wrapper so that it is crispy when toasted.   This is optional but is highly recommended as it prevents the spring rolls from falling apart or getting soggy.
Should make around 16-18 spring rolls.  You can make ahead of time and keep in freezer until ready to toast.
Bacon (8)
The best way to cook these spring rolls is in a non stick frying pan with on low to medium heat with a light drizzle of oil or you can bake in oven on 200C/400F until toasted.  Don’t bake too long as the cheese has a tendency to leak out, so be watchful!
Bacon (21)

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